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© Copyright Naisy 2015

Working in Naisy HQ


Hello! I'm Naomi, 'Nai' for short; founder, designer, creator, marketing director, manager, retailer, tea-maker... for all things Naisy.


Naisy first began in the Spring of 2013; inspired by my local community run market and a few pushes and shoves from friends, I bravely booked myself a stall, got out my sewing machine, and embraced the ride.


Brought up in the countryside, involved in every musical activity going (I actually did a music performance degree!), sewing and all other types of crafting was a beautiful pastime. My very patient mother taught me most of my sewing skills and the rest I have picked up along the way.


I am a self-confessed colour addict and love seeing how the different fabrics I use can be put together to create stand-out, joy-filled artwork. I secretly have big dreams of filling thousands of homes across Britain and way beyond with artwork that makes people smile.

My Home Life


I live with my lovely hubby and two gorgeous daughters in Heaton Chapel, Cheshire.


I love Jesus, hanging out with friends, and the beautiful British countryside.


I like gardening, cooking, eating, exploring, shopping, folk music, and all things creative!

Naisy Artwork and Products


Taking inspiration from the beautiful British countryside, many of my designs reflect a playful sort of nostalgia; one to be celebrated with friends.


All designs are made using a technique called ‘free-motion embroidery’ which is similar to drawing with a sewing machine. My intolerance to waste has meant that the materials used are often re-loved fabrics, rescued from boxes cast away in the loft, or leftover pieces from other designer makers. I take pride in ensuring that materials and processes used to turn my designs into printed products are as environmentally friendly as possible, also keeping printing based in Great Britain.